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Bibs & Washcloths

Today I sent these to Marine Corps Kids.

And these to the Pink Slipper Project.


This week I made a couple of wreaths. I still have one more to make. One is for my back porch and the other 2 are for my bedroom door and the door to my office. Both wreaths will be the same since the doors face each other.

This one is on the porch. Its just a grapevine wreath with silk flowers glued on.
 The indoor ones are styrofoam wrapped in yarn with some paper flowers I got at A.C. Moore. The flowers are from the scrapbooking section.
So here is the before:
... and here is the after. I really like how these came out. It took a long time to wrap the yarn which is why there is only one made so far.

A-Line Dress

Easy Print PDF:A-Line Dress

Newborn size
Bernat Baby Sport

Chain 36

Row 1:
dc in 4th ch from hook and next 3 chs,
3 dc in next ch,
dc in next 5 chs,
3 dc in next ch,
dc in next 10 chs,3 dc in next ch,
dc in next 5 chs,
3 dc in next ch,
dc in last 5 chs.
ch 2, turn.

rows 2-5: dc in each dc across putting 3dc in center dc of 3dc group below. Ch 2, turn.

row 6: dc across to center of first 3dc group, ch 4, skip across to next 3dc, dc in center st and each st across to center st of 3rd dc group, ch4, skip to last 3dc put dc in center of 3dc group and across to end. ch 1, turn.

*Armhole construction tutorial*

Row 7: SC in each DC and CH across. Join. (you will now be working around). Ch 2.

How to work Increase to form the a-line shape. You will work the increase over 3 stitches under the arm. Increase= (2DC in first st, 1DC in next st, 2 DC in 3rd)

Row 8: DC in next 11 sts. Work increase, DC in 23, work increase, DC in remaining sts. Join, Ch 2.

Row 9: DC in each st around. Join, c…

Easy Lemon Cookies

I made these cookies using a cake mix. It is so easy and they are so yummy!
You can get the recipe here, I've heard of  making cookies from cake mix and have wanted to try it. Now I can't wait to try different flavors. My first batch didn't cook long enough. The recipe says 8 minutes, I ended up doing 9 and they were still a little under done. The next cookie sheet went in for 11 minutes and they are a little crunchy when they are supposed to be chewy, they taste good though so I don't think it matters. j