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I'm still here

I've been busy trying to get everything together for my next delivery to Southside Hospital. I have a lot to bring them this time. I want to thank those of you who sent me donations. Every little bit helps. I have over 400 hats to bring them! That makes me soooo happy.

Its beautiful here on Long Island today, very warm for this time of year. I have all the windows open and am working on a knit preemie sweater. It seems that most of the things I knit that say they are for newborns end up being to big so I am trying a preemie sweater pattern to see what size that will actually be.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Happiness is.....

A box of yarny goodness

Ronin had a bath today....

March Madness

Green Collared Cardigan

Easy Print PDF:
Collared Cardigan

I have had a ton of requests for a pattern for this sweater so I dug it out of the donation bin and tried to remember what I did. I told some of you that it is my Cardigan pattern but now that I see it I was wrong. So I wrote it down.

First a few comments on the buttonband for you before you get started. The buttonband is worked up and down the fronts of the sweater for 3 rows. On this sweater I see that I worked 2 sc in the end of each row but sometimes that makes a wavy edge so I do 2sc in one row and 1sc in the next, so its not too tight I go up one size hook for the edging. Also depending on the size of the buttons you will have to adjust how many chain spaces you will need to fit the button. And how many buttons you are using, make the same amount of holes (obviously:).

Ok, I think thats everything.

I used Bernat WW yarn and a G-7 hook.

Chain 42
Row 1:
dc in 4th ch from hook and next 4 chs,
3 dc in next ch,
dc in next 6 chs,
3 dc in next ch,
dc in…