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I'm still here!!!

But I have the back soon!!!!

Baby Buntings

I've been working on these baby buntings for Southside hospital. I thought they would be warmer than just a sweater. I hope to get some more done. You can get the pattern at I've played around with the pattern a little. I left some of them open all the way down with buttons to close them. I've also got about 20 hats done too. My little esty shop needs some new things so I've made 3 new baby sweaters and a spring dress for AG dolls. And I've knit 2 hats for myself, I have to take pictures of them. I think thats it. Mom gave me a gift certificate to knitpicks for my birthday. My order came today. I'm learning how to knit socks on 2 circulars so I ordered some more of those and some extra tips for the options set. I really like knitting on 2 circs, I finished my hats that way instead of using DPNs.I just put half of the stitches on another circular and left half on the needle I was working with. Its so much nicer and quicker. And I got another s…


I hope everyone had a good new years. Mine was quiet, just did some knitting and watched tv. I'm trying to get a bunch of baby stuff done for the hospital. Our last delivery wasn't that good. The head nurse said it would be gone in 2 weeks. So we are trying to motivate everyone to get busy for the new year. I've been working on baby buntings and hats. I'll try to get some pictures up this week.

I wanted to share some of the gifts my mom made for us this christmas. The first is me with a wall hanging she made of my Ronin.

The next is my brother also with Ronin.

This is Cousin and Fiance with their Simba.

And Aunt Gin with her quilt...

Sorry the pictures aren't so great. I got a new photo and print program and have no idea how to crop my photos.Ciao!