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Quiet Saturday

I have been on a roll crocheting these little baby rompers in boy colors. I haven't done any knitting in a few days. Tonight I have to teach myself how to do a provisional cast on. That should be fun.

I brought a bunch of blankets and hats to Southside yesterday for the babies. There was this one baby who was soooo beautiful I just wanted to snatch her/him up and take them with me. I love going to drop off the donations, it makes me want to come home and start on the next batch as soon as possible. That is what I'll be doing as soon as I am done here.

Corset Tee Finished!

I did it!! I finished my first sweater. I put the buttons on last nite and they are a little to small for the buttonholes. I am going to sew up the front and make it a pullover. Its a little tight in the chest so it pulls and I'm afraid the buttons will pop open. I used Wool ease in Blush Heather.

I have everything packed up and ready to go to the hospital tomorrow. Blankets and hats and some sweater sets. I love going there, the nurses are always so happy to see me and what I've brought. Time to start working on the next batch. I go every 2 months so I'll be going again the end of May. Have a great nite!

Finishing up

This week seems to be about finishing up. I have to get my baby stuff washed, bagged and tagged. Friday is delivery day. Then I have to finish up a sweater for me. I joined a KAL and it starts on Monday so I want to get this one finished up before I start that. And I have a fingerless glove that needs a mate. So I'll spend the rest of the week on clearing all my WIP's. Then I can start fresh on April 1st. That seems appropriate, I consider April 1st the first day of spring. Also have to get my easter decos up. I guess I should get to work....

Ladder Stitch Baby Hat

Easy Print PDF:Ladder Stitch Baby Hat

This hat is worked in the round. You can use 12" circulars or dpns. If using circulars you will need to switch to dpns when hat gets to small.

Worsted Weight yarn
size 9 needles

Cast on 48 Sts, join being careful not to twist yarn.

Work in K2, P2 ribbing for 6 rows

Pattern Stitch:
Rows 1-2: K4, P4 around
Rows 3-4: P4, K4 around

Repeat rows 1-4 five more times.
Knit one row even.

Decrease rows:
Row 1: K4, K2tog around
Row 2: Knit around
Row 3: K3, K2tog around
Row 4: Knit around
Row 5: K2, K2tog around
Row 6: Knit around
Row 7: K1, K2tog around
Row 8: K2tog around

Cut yarn and run thru remainder of sts, pull up tight and fasten off.

2007 Kelly KearneyIf you make one as a gift please consider making one for charity.Do not sell patterns or items made from patterns.Do not post patterns on another site, please post just the links.

Basket Weave Baby Hat

Easy Print PDF:Basket Weave Baby Hat

This hat is knit in the round, you can use 12"circulars or dpns.

Worsted Weight yarn
size 9 needles, if you use circulars you will also need dpns for when it gets too small.

Cast on 48 sts. join being careful not to twist sts.

Work in K1,P1 or K2,P2 ribbing for 1".

Rows 1-4: K4, P4 around
Rows 5-8: P4, K4 around
Rows 9-12: K4, P4 around
Rows 13-16: P4, K4 around
Rows 17-20: K4, P4 around
Row 21: Knit around

Decrease rows:
Row 1: K4, K2tog around
Row 2: Knit around
Row 3: K3, K2tog around
Row 4: Knit around
Row 5: K2, K2tog around
Row 6: Knit around
Row 7: K1, K2tog around
Row 8: K2tog around

Cut yarn, pull thru remaining sts, tie off. 2007 Kelly Kearney

If making one for a gift please consider making one for Charity too :)Do not sell pattern or items made from pattern.Do not post pattern on another site, please post just the link.

Southside Hospital on L.I.

Southside hospital is located in Bayshore on Long Island. They deliver approximately 200 babies a month. Unfortunately most of these babies are born to families that have nothing. That is where we come in. I belong to a group called Hugs for Hope. We donate to hospitals in 3 states. We make and donate blankets and hats in fullterm and preemie sizes and sweaters in fullterm sizes. I am in charge of collecting and delivering items to Southside. We are a small group and do our best to give as much as we can. Sadly, we cannot keep up with the needs they have. I have started this blog to try and attract knitters, crocheters and sewers on LI to help us. I am hoping to keep the nursery fully stocked at all times. Whenever I make a delivery I am greeted by someone saying they are so happy to see me because they are out of hats or blankets. It would be great to never have to hear that again.

If you are interested in helping please feel free to leave a comment. Make sure to leave your email ad…

So much to do!

There are too many things to do and too little time in a day. Too many cool knitting patterns to try, too much crocheting to do for the little ones, learning how to do this whole blog thing, reading a book. Then there is the regular life things that get in the way. Food shopping, cleaning, brushing the dog, running errands. I don't think I'm ever going to catch up. The trick of course is to stop searching the net for new patterns, new blogs, new anything. Its not like I don't have enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life. Oh yeah, did I mention I don't work. I don't know how you working ladies do it. Well I guess I'll go check in on my favorite blogs....then maybe knit that scarf or finish crocheting that baby sweater or read one of the magazines on my pile, or start that book.....

Kellys Sweater

Easy Print PDF:Kelly's Sweater 6-9M

Simply Soft yarn, size G7 hook
Size ( to make larger use a larger hook)

edited January 2009: I have recently taken measurements of this sweater and compared to baby size charts and this sweater is larger than I thought, the new size is 6-9 months not newborn if made with a G hook and Simply Soft yarn.

Here are the measurements of my sweater:
Neckline: 12"
Chest: 19" measured under arm
Sleeves: 4" from under arm to wrist.
Sleeves SHOULD be 5" so add 2 rows to length.

Gauge of my sweater is 4 stitches=1 inch and 2 rows= 1 inch.

Chain 50

Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook and next 4 chs, work 3dc in next ch (corner), dc in next 6 chs, 3dc in next ch(corner),
dc in next 12 chs, 3dc in next ch(corner), dc in next 6chs, 3dc in next ch(corner), dc in last 14 chs. Ch 2,turn.

Rows 2-7: dc in each st putting 3dc in center st of each corner. Ch2, turn.

Row 8: dc in each st to first corner, ch 5, dc in center st of second corner, dc across t…

Getting to know you...

Hey! Welcome to my blog. My name is Kelly and here I will be posting about my charity work, my life and basically anything that I feel like sharing at that moment. My main goal is to attract others who like to knit and crochet for charity. I donate to a hospital here on Long Island and they have a great need for baby items. They deliver a lot of babies and most of the parents have nothing. We supply them with blankets, hats and sweater sets. We are a small group and have a hard time trying to keep them well stocked with baby things.

Now I have been doing this a long time. And while its very rewarding sometimes I get a little burned out making baby things and I have neglected myself the last few years. This year I have decided do more to take care of my self. Which includes knitting for ME. So I will be sharing my adventures in knitting.

Well that seems like a good start, I'll be back with more (hopefully witty) commentary on knitting for others and myself.